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Congratulations To The Company On The Success Of The 2017 China India Exhibition.

  • Publish Time: 2017-12-21
  • Visit: 2551

Congratulations to zhejiang renjie machinery  electronics co., LTD for the successful completion of the China Machines  Fair India 2017.

This exhibition mainly focuses on money counting machine, money sorting machine, banding machine, and bindinig machine, etc., our booth attracted many attention of customersin the three days of exhibition,Especiallyautomatic  bill bundle machine, semi-automatic banknotes bundle machine, horizontal extension banknotes sorting machine become a highlight of this exhibition.

Many customers that participate in the exhibitionexpressed great interest to our productesand hope that through this opportunity to build further cooperation relationship.In this exhibition, the numerous customers reached a cooperation agreement or intention at the same time, through this exhibition we make a lot of new friends, also get the latest market awareness of the financial industry, expand the international field of vision.

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