Currency sorting machine RJ-680(A) (2+1pocket)

Currency sorting machine RJ-680(A) (2+1pocket)

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1:Superior mechanical properties

specialize in deal withblocking money problem,Can be better to distinguish between old money and residual currency

2:Advanced mechanical structure

The biggest breakthrough is change the way of counting money, a key to open the channel that take in blocking money in a glance, easy to maintain and is theExclusive manufacturing technologyin china which is patented

3:Super counterfeit detection technology

Adopts FPGA image processing method, the intelligent control technology, multi-core processing technology, so that to deal with counterfeit money and to sort money are superior to their peers.

4:Less cleanup step

With three pocket to reduce Labour intensity,it can sort a variety of currency directly , damage and pollution and suspicious 5:money will be refund for the first time.

5:Improve work efficiency and reduce the working space

Using humanized design, small size, easy to operate, mechanical precision, ensure the quality of currency circulation, enhance the bank credit, reduce operating costs.

Technical Parameters

Power Supply
AC220V (1±10%) 50Hz(1±5%)
Power Consumption
Electric Current
Working Enviroment
temperature:0-40℃ humidity :40-90%RH
Counting speed
≥850 sheets/min(checking serial number at the same time)
Continuous working time
Size of Countable Bills
L:110-175mm, W:50-85mm, T:0.075-0.15mm
Stacker Capacity
>300pcs(two pocket)
Rejection Capacity
> 100 pcs
Hopper Capacity
>150 pcs
Counterfeit Notes
Audio Alarm
Screen display
4.3TFT screen display
Net Weight

1:Specialized in bank servicesImproved Feeding Mechanism easy Jam removal

2:To be with 3 pockets ,2 stacker pocket and 1 rejection pocket ; with 3 screen display

3:Detect the counterfeit money effectively, pick out it without stop,This improve the efficiency of bank staff.

4:Intelligent self-checking before work.. Audible alarm when detecting counterfeit note.

5:Batch,adding and self-examination functions,

6:To be with USB port for software upgrading,RS232 port for print

7:Detection: Ultraviolet detection-UV Magnetic detection-MG Metal Thread detection-MT

Infrared accurate detection-IR Chained note detection

8:Suitable for all kinds of currencies

9:Denomination recognition, sperate different currency, denomination broken currency ,check serial number of money

10:High visible banknote processing path ,jam recovery fast and also easy to clean the dust.

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