Bill counter RJ-650(A)

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Bill counter RJ-650(A)

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1)Meet the requirements of GB16999-2010,High Accuracy, Perfect Performance.

2) Can counting and binding money at the same time,fast and convenient

3) With memory function, can connect the computer to print data

4) Self Diagnosis When Start,Audible alarm when detecting counterfeit note

5)TFT touch screen , simple to operate

6)4 digital display,Sheets Counting Function And Counterfeit Detection Function.( automatic clear, batch function, sorting, mix counting, add &preset)

7)Without preheating, safe and reliable, environmental and energy conservation

8) Vacuum cleaning function

9) MCU processing technology keep upgrade at any time

10)Can detect the counterfeit money with 5 methods:

Ultraviolet detection-UV Infrared accurate detection-IR Magnetic detection-MG

Fluorescence Detecting Safe Cable Detecting Digital Detecting

Technical Parameters

Power Supply
AC220V (1±10%) 50Hz(1±5%)
Power Consumption
Electric Current
Working Enviroment
temperature:0-40℃ humidity :40-90%RH
Counting speed
≥1000 sheets/min
Bind speed
≤ 2seconds/bundle
Continuous working time
Size of Countable Bills
Length:110-175mm, Width:50-85mm,
Thickness of countable note
Hopper capacity
Stacker capacity
>130 pcs
Screen display
TFT touch screen display
Counterfeit Notes
Audio Alarm
Compaction Power
Bundle tape size
Bill Width Size
Net Weight

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