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The 2015 China international financial expo in Shanghai

  • Publish Time: 2017-05-10
  • Visit: 2769

On October 15 to 18, 2015, in 2015 China international finance show at Shanghai new international expo centre, grim and complex in the global economy, the market and the needs of users a comprehensive upgrade, against the background of financial equipment industry is faced with new challenges and opportunities.The annual China international finance show for the financial equipment industry provides a good platform, promote the production of agents and sales agents and exchange and cooperation between the three of the end user.

Based on the idea of "science and technology innovation, service finance", zhejiang renjie machinery electronics co., LTD. Is running in the financial equipment industry forever.The exhibition, zhejiang exhibited, machinery and electronics co., LTD. Our company's brand "RENJIE " money counter and counterfeit detector, bill binding machine , banknotes sorting machine .One of the most conspicuous in 2015 new product, counter and horizontal sorting in beautiful modelling, the humanized design innovation, broad spectrum function and excellent performance allows clients to stop asking, caused the customer interest."Our sales team with full state of mind, dedicated service attitude for each a customer at our booth stand, expertly presentation and interpretation of the products to the customers.

This exhibition to fully demonstrate the zhejiang VIP machinery and electronics co., LTD. To create globalization, modernization and innovation of the enterprise concept, to staff to visit the exhibition left a deep impression.The four-day exhibition is over, and the effort will continue. believe through all the staff's hard work, will create new wonderful.

Warm congratulations to win the bidding of China post group co., LTD
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