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Warm congratulations on the entry of the agricultural bank and bank of communications in 2016

  • Publish Time: 2017-05-10
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Congratulations to zhejiang renjie products is finalist for  China agricultural bank  & bank of China communications. 

Zhejiang renjie company is dedicated to the service finance, the innovation seeks development, the quality strives to survive!The enterprise has been in the forefront of the domestic industry.In 2014, Our productes was shortlisted for Construction Bank. In 2015, Banknotes sorting machine was shortlisted for Postal Saving Bank of China; so far, our products have entered  the big six stae Banks of ICBC, agricultural bank ,construction bank ,bank of communications,bank of China and Postal Savings two-thirds of the headquarters of the market.

Past achievements, give us the strength of courage and struggle!Based on the present, looking forward, we will do better!

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Warm congratulations to win the bidding of China post group co., LTD